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The Fall Edition of the Alumni Newsletter is now available! Click below to read more!


The Spring Edition of the Alumni Newsletter is now available! Click below to read more!


The Fall Edition of the Alumni Newsletter is now available! Click below to read more!


The Summer Edition of the Alumni Newsletter is now available! Click below to read more!



Dr. Wernher Von Braun and Edward O. Buckbee helped envision and launch Space Camp almost 35 years ago. To celebrate their vision, alumni from across the globe are gearing up to raise money for scholarships to send the next generation to Space Camp.

Are you interesting in doing something within your community to raise scholarship funds? Reach out to the Alumni Advancement Board and coordinate local Drive to 35 scholarship drives by emailing us at


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The Spring Edition of the Alumni Newsletter is now available! Click below to read about Space Camp Summer Fest 2016, Drive to 35 Scholarship Campaign, and more!

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The Space Camp Alumni Festival returns July 14-16, as Space Camp Summerfest 2016. This is THE monster 80’s party of the Summer of ’16! Click below to read about the weekend events and purchase tickets!


The Alumni Advancement Board (AAB) has three seats opening for a term beginning January 2016. In order be eligible, a regular member must be a graduate of Space Camp, Aviation Challenge, the new robotics program, or an affiliate program, or be a former Space & Rocket Center staff member or current volunteer. We are reaching out to fellow alums and former staff who may be interested in helping us to advance the Alumni movement and support the mission of the Center.

The AAB is a volunteer group. The AAB is a working board, by which we mean that the members are    involved both in making decisions about a wide range of projects, outreach efforts, fundraising, and other activities, and in helping to carry out those plans (read more at An increasing number of other volunteer alumni also are working on these efforts. The Board meets most months by phone, and once or twice a year in person at USSRC.

If you are interested, please send a letter of interest as well as a CV/resume to us at: Included in the letter, please explain why you are interested, your eligibility, and how you think that your background, experience, and skills will enable you to work with other Board members and volunteers to advance the goals of the AAB. The AAB seeks a diverse and inclusive membership, and you are not required to live in or near Huntsville, the home of the Center.

We are looking for individuals who truly understand and are excited to advance the AAB mission! The application deadline is November 20th, 2015. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Fall Edition of the Alumni Newsletter is now available! Get a recap on this summer’s Alumni Festival, how you can help find the next class of Space Camp Crew Trainers, details on becoming a member of the Space Camp Alumni Advancement Board, and MORE!

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Summer 2015 is in the books! We hope that it was as wonderful for you personally as it was for Space Camp, the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, and our Alumni organization.

In July we gathered many from the Alumni family for our inaugural Space Camp Alumni Festival, and we are happy to report it was a tremendous success!

This year’s Alumni Festival was a first in several respects: the first full weekend of activities designed exclusively for the reconnection and enjoyment of Space Camp and Aviation Challenge program Alumni, the first Alumni-oriented event to be financially self-sustaining, and the first Alumni event to be planned and executed…by Alumni!  While we were at it – we raised over $15,000 for Space Camp Scholarships during this, our inaugural year.

For three days we had an awe-inspiring gathering of insightful, passionate, and engaged Alumni.


We kicked off the 3- day event with Biergarten – affectionately known as ‘Stein and Dine’ where guests were able to enjoy German cuisine and beer under the Saturn V!  In conjunction with Biergarten, early arriving guests were treated to a special Alumni Weekend edition of the ‘Pass the Torch’ lecture series normally held at the USSRC throughout the year.  During that event we celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope and the upcoming launch and deployment of the James Webb Space Telescope with several excellent speakers, including former Space Shuttle Astronaut Scott Altman, the Commander of the last two Hubble servicing missions.



We honored the legacy and impact of a 25 year-young Aviation Challenge Program and we reveled in the history and inspiration of our F-14 ‘Mighty Tomcat’ as we admired her shiny restored appearance and rededicated her for another tour of inspiring the next generations.  We were so happy to have former Naval Aviators and Space Shuttle Astronauts  Capt Robert ‘Hoot’ Gibson, USN(Ret) and Capt Scott ‘Scooter’ Altman, USN(Ret) join us to celebrate.  Guests then moved on to enjoy the ‘Hangout’ with several of the most popular activities / simulators at the Aviation Challenge compound.

_SGB7600 10.03.12 PM





DSCF0310 (Large)

The Alumni family gathered to unwind at a Friday evening Pool Party under the stars, and then came together again for a Saturday morning Town Hall Breakfast to hear about where we are and where we’re going.



And while we were at it we recognized a few of our best and brightest Alumni, as well as a few key USSRC staff members, with some well deserved awards! Those awards included:


Dan Oates – CEO Leadership Award
John Ratnaswamy – Space Camp Spirit Award
Chris Key – Space Camp Pinnacle Award
Vincent Vazzo – Space Camp Foundations Award
Alyssa Carson – Outstanding Alumni Award
Abigail Harrison – Outstanding Alumni Award

USSRC Staff:

Sandra Kerby – Delta-V Award
Amber Williams – Delta-V Award
Trevor Daniels – Delta-V Award
Brenda Carr – Chairman’s Award

We could not have succeeded without each of their unique contributions. It was truly a favorite moment of the weekend – likely second only to what was to come that evening!

We were treated to a sneak peak of the USSRC’s newest exhibit ‘Science on Orbit’, and the future for the Mission Center Complex Training Center Floor with tour guides including current Space Camp Hall of Fame members supporting the International Space Station as well as former astronauts Capt. Robert ‘Hoot’ Gibson, Col. Bob Springer, Capt. Wendy Lawrence, and our own Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger – the first Space Camp Alumni to fly in space!









After the impressive VIP tour it was time to get down to business during ‘Choose Your Mission’ with simulated Shuttle launch and landing sequences in the familiar simulators, and the iconic Astronaut Simulators including the Multi-Axis Trainer, 1/6 Gravity Chair, and the Manned Maneuvering Unit.  Of course a training iteration wouldn’t be complete without a chance to dive in the Underwater Astronaut Trainer!  And yes – we had real astronauts as simulator coaches!


DSCN5160 (Large)

Late Saturday afternoon we were treated to a special presentation by former Shuttle Astronaut Dr. Rhea Seddon and afforded the opportunity to get our own signed copy of her new book ‘Go For Orbit’ – and you’ll never guess who was first in line!! What a perfect transition into the exciting evening events.


_SGB7828 copy

As part of the evening events we heard from Todd May, Program Manager for NASA’s Space Launch System – updating us on the status and road ahead for NASA’s Journey to Mars. Prior to his introduction we shared a special message to the NASA and contractor community from the Alumni Community – with a little help from Camp Trainees attending sessions that week. Take a look – We think you’ll agree with the sentiment expressed in the video:

DSC_5788 1.59.55 PM




We inducted four new members into the Space Camp Hall of Fame – Sponsored by Orbital ATK. The Class of 2015 was an impressive array of Alumni – spanning manned and unmanned space exploration, engineering, and this year we adding the ‘A’ to STEAM with an Alumna from the arts. NASA Astronaut Kate Rubins, NASA-Mars Curiosity Flight Director Bobak Ferdowsi, Honeywell Aerospace Senior Project Engineer Elizabeth Bierman, and Opera Soprano Susanna Phillips represent all we aspire to be as a community of dreamers and achievers. Learn more about this year’s inductees here!





We ended on a truly high note! The first ever concert held in Shuttle Park featuring The Yacht Rock Revue™  with guest Amy McCarley culminated a fabulous celebration of all Space Camp Alumni who are the promise for the future of these programs and of the next trainees to pass through its’ doors.






my fave


The 2015 Space Camp Alumni Festival is just a preview of what’s yet to come for Alumni events and more broadly a great  ‘end to the beginning’ of the full impact the Alumni Association has yet to realize. There are exciting announcements on the horizon regarding 2016. Next year’s festival is an event you won’t want to miss – with a host of phenomenal surprises. You will also hear about a very special campaign we’ll be launching in conjunction with the U.S. Space & Rocket Center Foundation that will truly change the lives of many young people.  Watch for those announcements coming this fall.

Please enjoy the highlights video below from this year’s Festival and we’ve also included a second video covering the full Space Camp Hall of Fame ceremony.

Stay tuned to as well as our Facebook and Twitter channels for all the latest information and updates.

We look forward to seeing you around Camp and we hope you’ll consider getting involved with Alumni activities in some fashion in the near future.

On behalf of the entire Alumni Advancement Board as well as the staff and leadership of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, thanks to our sponsors for this year’s and event, and most of all we thank you for all your support and encouragement to date. You are the ‘fuel in our tanks’ and we can confidently now say that ‘we have cleared the tower’ under power from YOU! The thrust of 700,00 dreamers now has us on a fast ascent to the stars!

Ad Astra Per Alas Fideles!